Thursday, March 5, 2009

We're Not That Lame

I read a news blog that links to various pages about all sorts of things. One of the items was to this page about Mormon pick up lines.

I mean, I liked the Lehi's dream line is kind of funny("You remind me of the fruit in Lehi's dream; the most precious above all.") but most are lame. I guess it's good to show that we Mormon dudes are just as comfortable talking with girls as the rest of the nation, and are equally lame (Except for the last dude on the video) but c'mon really?

Anywhat, I just thought I'd share that. Also, I am amazed about the discussions that go on in Youtube comments, or rather in the case of this video, all the ranting and bashing on there, that there is lamer than any pick up line. And pathetic.

Anywhat, I'll end my rant. Have a good day all.

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