Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Missionary Wednesday Part 2

It seems he accidentally sent the first part of his e-mail off by mistake. Here is the second bit:

Sorry, the first part of the message just sent itself, now to continue.
I had hopes of being a reaper of souls but it certainly looks like I might just be a planter of seeds. This depressed me, I would so much more rather see the fruits of my labor but after talking to my companions about that, I am just a bit more Ok with just planting and not as depressed as that as before.
Daylight savings time didn't exactly help much either, that may have been a reason some did not show up. Benjamin Franklin was a great man who did great things but daylight savings time isn't one of them. That man's worth is just demoted in my eyes, they should put him on the $75 and give someone else the hundred dollar bill, either that or just get rid of daylight savings all together.

Monday at district meeting we inspired the rest of the district with last weeks amazing numbers and lit a fire under them; our district is going to try for a second week of amazing numbers. With the numbers we have now, our district is leading the zone and even inspiring them to do better. Later on Monday we got 5 more investigators and 4 more baptism dates, an impressive feat for just one day.

Tuesday made it official, I have officially been out for six months. As is the tradition in this mission, I burned a tie to commemorate the occasion. Elder V. gave me one of his ties before he went home and gave me permission to burn it when I reached my mark. I followed his request and did just that. It felt good.
Today we went to Sister C's again and learned much from her. Today's learning's include: 1. The Native Americans tell the same stories among themselves that we find in the book of Mormon. The only difference is that the good guys and bad guys are switched around, obviously twisted because of Laman and Lemuel.(Editors Note: I am going to check that out for myself) That is just another witness that the Book of Mormon is true. 2: The ordinance of brushing the dust off your feet. It's powerful and a real priesthood ordinance that when done right will in fact bring a curse upon the person or place it is done to. Things like fire or tornado will only effect that one place or person and no others around them.(Editors Note: If Chicago burns to the ground, we know who got trigger happy and who to blame)
3. We on earth are like the Nephites who had the truth from the beginning; we are slower to become more wicked and righteous, but when that happens we take it to the extreme. That intelligent life beyond earth is like the Lamanites; they will receive the truth or have it and when they get it, or have it, they will repent and become better faster, or the reverse will be true for their apostasy but they wont be nearly as good or bad as we are. My personal favorite part of this last one is that Sister C. agrees with me that not all the intelligent life beyond Earth is human; some is otherwise. Everyone else I know believes the opposite, and its good to have someone on my side. I have a theory about this but I don't think I will include it in this email.
Sam, in response to your e-mail, you may be right about the rules thing. We've seen that in the last few weeks, the rest of us were having fun and the sister missionaries weren't, they were working so hard but there numbers were dropping, we did the same but had fun and our numbers increased. They are understanding it a little now, personally I don't think the hanging out was the problem, it was the fact that we were doing it so much that was the bad thing. Like now it's P-day and were having a district activity, I prefer this to what President had in mind, because working too hard without a break isn't healthy.
That's it for this week. Hopefully you got the first part that sent itself. I look forward to hearing from everyone soon.

Love Elder Fields.

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