Friday, March 27, 2009

Today Would Score a Three if it Dove into a Pool

Nothing much was done today, well nothing productive. I succumbed to my roommates and read the online Midnight Sun book thing that was put on the web because it was linked.

Definitely interesting, but I say Edward is still a creepy stalker. Sure his thoughts are revealed, but it merely proves him more guilty in the arena of stalking. He was humanized a bit by playing matchmaker at the end. Bella is still annoying. His perspective does nothing to redeem her.

I do have to say that Midnight Sun should have been first to be published. All Bella can do is stare and swoon at Edward and be obsessed about finding out he's a vampire. That's what the movie improved on, it wasn't from her point of view.

Midnight Sun is able to take the mysterious Edward Culling from the Twilight series, the creepy stalker with super-human abilities from being foreign and un-understandable to being Peter Parker basically, and we're able to relate to that more.

I actually like what Meyers did, or was in the process of doing, that we got to see a new side of Edward. From his point of view in M.S. he basically goes from an unknown to just a regular ordinary guy in high school. Not being able to read her thoughts, falling in love, trying to protect his and his family's secret basically makes him out to be a Peter Parker who is just an ordinary guy but with super powers.

I could go on, but I won't. Most likely I am shaming Bob for having acknowledged all that. I think Meyers started out wrong, that Bella should not have been the main character. She's just a nobody-sue who doesn't change at all personality wise. It is Edward who goes through the changes, who develops. It was just extremely hard to see because the books were written in silly Bella's perspective.

Do I think that the Twilight series is a great series? No, but it's ok. Midnight Sun surely makes it more interesting, or raises the level of it from it just being a bunch of Sues wondering around.

So Meyers, if you read this for some inexplicable reason, I say you should finish the book. It will certainly make the series a lot more interesting. I still say you should have the Cullins and the Voltari fight. Maybe through in Bigfoot and the Loch-ness monster?

Of course, reflecting on why I see Edward in a somewhat higher light, I guess I understand why so many girls like Bella, cause they can relate to her and her awkward mindset. I guess so many girls can relate to Bella due to insecurity and all that. I guess that means I am glad that I can't read minds, if there are similarities in mind sets. Of course if I suddenly gain super-abilities, I guess I wouldn't mind?

But yeah. That's what I have to say on the subject.

So, let the shame begin?

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Alexandria said...

I have officially read ALL of your Twilight posts. Edward is not a creepy-stalker he is the hottness.

Bella is SO annoying, I want to shank her throughout each book. Srsly. The only thing I like about her is at the end she gets to bang that hot piece.