Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

A feeling, unexpected it was. It came all of a sudden to induce wonder. Wonder turned to ponder and as the inquirer who felt the feeling wish it were not so. Easier it would to ignore the feeling, but knew that it were not possible to do so. The inquirer looked around and knew not what to expect, what would come of this. Surely some things would change, but would it be like the exploding of a volcano, would he have to hide his face, or would it pass relatively calmly? He knew not what to think, nor exactly what to do. The feeling came a little stronger, and his mind played at it and wouldn't let it go. He wondered if he should act and when he should act. He only felt what he needed to do, what had to be done. He know not why or when, only that he had to obey.
As he examined the thought, other thoughts came too, as if to help the first thought, to gang up on to, to help convey the message to make it easier, for the feeling suggested a hard thing to be done.

Though he had hope that good would come, he knew not how the immediate reaction would be, how him acting upon this feeling would affect the circle of beloved acquaintances. He only knew that he must act.

So slowly and surely he thought of how to act, not knowing why. Only knowing that it was the feeling and the confirmation thereof that prompted and guided him to act.

So slowly and surely he walked as if to the hangman's noose, anticipating the pain and agony that would follow. Be walk he must.

But walk he must.


Rachel Adventure said...

This is amazing, what are you up to here?????? Preview of a coming attraction?

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Only time will tell Rachel, only time will tell.