Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bin Laden Saves Me What Now?

Occasionally I take a gander at the spam I receive, usually to make sure nothing important is arriving there by mistake, but there was one piece of spam that drew my attention, to wonder how someone could be so stupid as to put "How Bin Laden Saved You Money, Sam".
Now this made me interested, interested enough to find out the insipid tale and see how Bin Laden could have possibly saved me money.

But then I clicked on the e-mail and was filled with disappointment. I was expecting a somewhat humorous story to try and get me to squander money and waste my time, but it was only a a business firearm thing to get me join some club. Apparently they started the free club because they outsourced a programming job to someone in the middle east who replaced all the links with links to Muslim extremist sites and it caused them to lose business. Not funny.

Come now spammers, if you want to be remotely interesting, you need some sort of funny story to go with that title. If you're going to say Bin Laden saved me money, you should have a funny story or offer to get me to give my credit card information for all his frozen assets that the FBI are now giving out to the populace, not some $10 gift card and entrance to a free club after spinning a sob story. (Which may be true? I didn't look at the e-mail too long to really care)

Come now spammers. You're dropping the ball. Really. Be more original. I still won't fall for your offers, but at least I'll be laughing at how you all offer me stuff you really won't give me. And it's the thought that counts right?

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