Thursday, March 26, 2009

Super Apostacy Missionary Thursday

Well, here is what my brother had to say about the latest week. Also, anything repeated from Sister C is in no way endorsed as fact by this blog or by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.

Dear family and friends,

Thursday was transfer day and I am staying with my companions. They spoke to President Roach and said that he likes me in trios. I think the Pres really likes Elder B. and he will be the new super missionary of the mission, though Elder B doesn't want to take that route. Thursday night we met Elder K's greenie; Elder P. He is the grandson of a cousin of the Elder Perry of the 12. He gets treated lots better then I did as a greenie. All he got was one harmless greenie prank and he took it very well. He'll be a cool guy once we loosen him up a bit. Thursday night we went back to the 'God's House of Prayer' church because one of our investigators invited us to teach the congregation. Unfortunately we didn't get to teach anything at all because the head pastor was there and he had a very large spirit of contention. Everything he said was wrong and we were not happy with him. If we tried to say something to him he would twist it in circles and spit out nothing but falseness and lies. We all wanted to just chew him out for being so dang stupid and contentious when we weren't trying to be. I was very angry and the spirit constrained me to remain silent. We got sick of hearing all the lies and bull he spit out, that we left long before the service was over. We went back to the hollowed ground of our own church and the moment we stepped inside the spirit and atmosphere completely changed and we started feeling better. We sang some hymns, bore testimony, and prayed. We came home feeling loads better then when we were at that church and we will not be going back to that church again.
Sunday at church Sister C. told me that I have a special mission that extends beyond my current one. That was very intimidating and I just hope I can live up to what is now expected of me. She has a special gift where she can read them and she knows them well. The district got into a discussion with her on spiritual gifts and we are still fired up about all the gift talk. I was told by her and members of my district what some of my gifts are that I didn't even know I had. When we were alone both my companions used their gifts to discern what my super gift is. I didn't say a word to them about it, but once they knew I confirmed it. They did what everyone else does when they know of my gift, they pumped me for info then they told me to explore it further, use it more, and gain a greater light and knowledge about it. I talked with Sister C. about this and she said that like I've figured parts of it out on my own, I must continue to explore it on my own. There are loads that I still need to explore with it, not as simple as I first thought.(Editor's Note: A big Huge No Comment Here.)
Monday was zone conference. We had a guest general authority speaker, Elder Newenschwander(sp?), but then later it didnt seem like he was realy talking to the missionaries at all and he lost most of our attention.
Today at Sister C's we discussed 1. When the earth split it didn't happen all at once, it happened over time and God used this to move people where he needed them to be. 2. The olive tree was the first tree to appear after the flood because it is symbolic of Christ. The leaf is a symbol of piece like Christ and you have to crush an olive get the juice, Christ was pressed and crushed by the sins of the world and bled because of it. 3. When you play cards make sure they aren't face cards because face cards are of the devil. All the different patterns and faces on the cards represent the secret combinations of Satan. So gambling with face cards is twice as bad because we know of what gambling itself can do but also because Satan endorses it with his codes. Tarot cards are also bad for the same reason. If you want your fortune read go to someone with the priesthood, it may be different but it will be done by a better power. Like always, other things were said and learned as well.
That's all I can think of for now. Our missionary work is doing well and we're keeping pace a little slower now and concentrating in our effort more. (Editor's Note: At least #2 is whole heartedly correct)

love Elder Fields.

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