Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They Sang as They Walked

Twas a relatively warm winter, almost spring, afternoon when the Modern Pioneer go out of his old metal wagon and began a small trek to look for a new home come April. He had no other choice but to look, because he and his fellow dwellers were being kicked out their place of residence, being persecuted; not because of race or creed, but because of a temporary status, one that that they all shared in common: Unmarried. For their current habitation has decided to favor those couples of the married variety, and thus all those lacking such a blessing are forced now to look elsewhere for places to inhabit.

And so the Modern Pioneer found himself south of the perilous hill of doom, where a pond of ducks lulls most passerby into a false sense of security. And though the Modern Pioneer knew he would dread the climb in the days to come to hallowed halls of learning, he knew that this was the spot where most housing was the least expensive. And so he began his search, entering with permission into the domain of others, comparing and contrasting the dwellings he visited, he passed through such residences such as the places called Miller, Continental, Academy Arms, Old Academy, Sumerhays (The Modern Pioneer had to carefully trek across the wagon's road, to which a signal was given that indicated the safety of the way.), Park Place, Monticello, Elms, Bay Terrace and Alpine. To his chagrin, a few places of habitation, like Elm, Monticello and Belmont had no room for a weary traveler, and had to continue his search for a place a residence.

The Modern Pioneer continued his trek, walking and walking and until a little over 2 hours after he began his trek, he found a place that was satisfactory to his liking. He looked it over and decided upon it, but due to the semi-lateness of the hour, he was unable to get a hold of the mayor of the small community to get a land contract, which would have to be obtained today to be official.

The weary traveler then returned to his metal covered wagon and returned to his place of residence, collapsing on the furniture with the thought that more physical activity, A.K.A exercise, was needed as his legs were tremendously sore.

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