Friday, September 12, 2008

Wind Interference on the Ninth Hole.

Ok, I get it, I need to update this. I mean, I can't have this be like my journal where I only update once every three months or so can I? No? I thought not.

Brief updates before I get to the main subject, school has started, yippee, the insurance company may decide to just total out my Geo, which if granted the fair value, means I get $775 or so for its value, if good, it means I get $1100. Wow. I am surprised, I thought it was worth less than that. I have also read Breaking Dawn, so expect a post about that, just to annoy my sister.

As it turns out, me and a girl who lived in my ward last year, Raquel, went on a date last night to the mini golf place on 8th North in Orem. That was fun, I don't remember our scores, but I'm pretty sure she won, I let her though by hitting the ball more times than was necessary. She may have known that. We also stopped counting after we hit the ball 5 or more times, and yes that did happen a lot. Especially the hole with the sloped hill and water/pond danger. Our balls kept going in it.
Then the wind decided to pick up and blow the golf balls some, and make the small flags go wild on us. So much we decided to call interference due to excessive wind. You hear that wind? We're on to you!
Anyways, Raquel is cool, and is an English major (I know a few of those, including formers as well) and I found out that Edgar Alan Poe was a player. That's right, the guy with the raven that says nevermore, he was a player. Apparently he wrote love notes to married women while he was engaged. So we talked about literature, movies and the like. It was fun. Oh, and bismark, she's a cute Asian. (ha ha ha, well half Japanese.)

Well, I have now updated, so all you that were complaining now have your wish. As for the others that read, I want your input too!


yellow m&m said...

Thanks for updating. Although if you want many comments, you're going to need to comment on my blog. It's only fair. :^)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I accept the challenge.