Thursday, September 18, 2008

Missionary Update

My brother has now been in the MTC for a week now, hence forth to be referred to as Elder Fields. He is doing well, he feels a little inadequate about how much he is progressing, but I sent him a letter telling him that he is being ridiculous. Anyways, here is snippet of what he wrote, edited for spelling;
My entire district likes me so much. They always get a good laugh when I'm around. I made the mistake of showing/sharing with them my voice talents and now they won't leave me alone about it. They all claim they will miss me so much and life in the mission field just won't be the same without me.

So, something I hadn't mentioned before is that Elder Fields does a lot of voices, he's great at it, his favorite may be Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

The reality of the situation hit me Thursday morning and I felt a little homesick. A quick prayer cheered me up and I felt better. Satan has been working hard on me not stop since I got here to make me feel miserable. The dark weather Thursday and Friday, plus Satan's grip just made me feel worse but I discovered that by praying hard daily, Satan's power would leave and I could be in peace.

They (the MTC) have thrown the first discussion down our throats over and over again since we got here. We were all sure we knew them but we were nervous anyway when we went to teach and be taught on Saturday. We all thought we did horribly and have had plenty of time to improve since then. Everyone else seems to have improved so much more than I have. They've gone miles and I've gone inches.

So that is what he has written, Updates will follow weekly, or more often depending on how often he decides to write.

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Giovanni Schwartz said...

The 'nym you picked for him makes me laugh... I get it!