Friday, September 26, 2008

The Most Random Keyword

Well today I am baffled and slightly amused; I was checking Analytics today and I say that yesterday someone found my blog by looking up "Strongbadia the free." I know that homestarrunner is awesome and everything, but I don't believe that I have mentioned it thus far on this blog. and now someone somehow found my blog by searching for it? That's got to be something right there.

Anyways the storm threatened to rage on the seashore and the lone watchman toiled at the gate while others thought nothing of it. The Watchman thought troubled was brewing as occurred yesteryear when the most terrible of tempests had occurred. The Watchman lost hope and gave a few shouts, but his voice hardly carried to those who could help. He looked above and uttered a prayer to have strength to withstand, to man his position. So though he went to bed dreaming of calamity, the sun came up the next morn. The watchman was amazed and thankful for the miracle, while the world continued on with nary a thought of the Watchman's screams of danger in the late of night.