Thursday, September 25, 2008

Before I Get Tagged a Third Time

Well I meme a lot, and have been tagged by not only Yellow M&M, but also Katria, whose blog I read occasionally as well. Anyways the point of this one is to say six things about myself that no one knows. Lets see if I can stun most of you by what you don't know about me. Lets hope no one gets mad by these admissions.

1. I have kissed at least one girl.

2. I played D&D years ago.

3. I am actually more thoughtful and not as outgoing as I make myself to be online

4. My shoes are about three years old and are just beginning to fall apart

5. I secretly have a crush on a regular reader of my blog

6. I was involved in a dance company when I was a kid; to perform the nutcracker and other stuff.

Anyways, you're probably wondering who I am going to tag. Well if you think that, you're now tagged. Have at it and have fun.

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