Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A day late, but oh well

Others did this, so why not? It's a day late but I'm going to extend this to any and everyone who comments on this blog entry.
I hereby proclaim that September 23rd, 2008 shall be Blurker Amnesty Day. You are probably saying to yourself - "Self, what is Blurker Amnesty Day?" Well this is the day that all blurkers can (and hopefully will) comment and make their presence known without penalty. You may even be saying to yourself - "Self, what is a blurker?" To answer you again, oh inquisitive one - a blurker is a blog lurker. Someone who reads a blog but never posts any comments.

So my unobtrusive friend - I am calling you out. In exchange for your comment, you have my solemn promise that I will not stalk you or request a comment from you in the future. Amnesty.

In case you are saying to yourself - "Self, how do I comment on a blog?" Well, I can answer that as well. Simply click on the area that says X # of people had something to say. You will see a comment box pop up. If you are signed into blogger then you can type your comment and click submit. If you don't have a google account then type your comment and make sure to include your name and perhaps your location (so I know who you are) and select anonymous. Then click submit. It is just that easy!

I am not upset that I have blurkers - it doesn't creep me out in the least. I am curious who you are - I crave the human interaction - I can only squeeze so much engaging chatter out of the little ones. Trust me I squeeze them all too much. I am just interested in who is out there. Reading. And not commenting.

And to my fellow bloggers, feel free to declare amnesty for your blurkers on this special day as well. Of course you can borrow the logo. Consider it a gift. And I would love to hear if you brought some blurkers out of hiding!

So say what you have always wanted to say with the guarantee that I won't look you with Google's satellite, or any of the other resources that I may or may not have at hand.
(mind you, I reserve the right to use my time machine and stalk you in both the past and the future.)


yellow m&m said...

I'm not a blurker. I'm an all out stalker. ;^)

Green Giant said...

you are silly Sam! that's all folks.

Giovanni Schwartz said...

samarooskers, you know very well that i read you blog. i desire to eat mrs. field's cookies. blah blah blah... making lots of allusions to you know what... blag. d:p (that's a guy wearing a hat sticking his tongue out.) o:p (i am angelic enough that i can wear a halo and stick my tongue out at the same time.) h:p (that's a sticky tongue out smiley face with elvis hair) x:p (that's an angry smiley face.) c:p (i don't know what that is. but it could work. maybe it's a rooster.) Q:p (or maybe that one is elvis hair.) U:b (or if you change the p to a b, this one can be elvis hair.) D:p (this one is kind of like a hat looking traight forwards.) if you like the chicken one, try this fun variation: c:> (cluck!)