Monday, August 4, 2008

You think I would have gone home on another weekend...

As I may have mentioned, I went home for the weekend. Friday night my mom, brother and me went to the Jordan River Temple, if I can get those pictures soon, I will post them. My brother is excited to go to the MTC in a month or so, so that's good and he is seriously doing some preparing. 50 minute a day scripture reading and what not, so yeah, beware Chicago.

On the flip side, I picked an unfortunate weekend to come home because Breaking Dawn came out and my sister is one of those fanatics who insist that Bells and Eddie (I see no need to call them by their full names) are in love because, well they are, goshdangit!
So we frequently have discussions about it, about them all being Mary Sues and all.
As for my part, I don't care that the books are out there, or that my sister likes to read them. I have read books just for fun that didn't have any message, but just read to read, like the Boxcar Children or Animorphs (years and years ago). But what I get is level of fanaticism that the series is receiving, both from the foaming at the mouth fans (sorry if you are one) and all the reviews it receives from New York Times and what not. I mean, it's not very well written, the characters don't develop nor is there much of a plot. I am not going to rant about it, there are other blogs that do so and are funny.
Lets just leave it at that I don't think that the Twilight Series is as good a series that everyone claims it is. From what I have heard about Breaking Dawn is that Eddie nor Jacob fight each other or dies (except more strange stuff that I won't go into) nor do they get into a tussle with the Voltari. I have heard that it comes pretty close, but not close enough. Sadness.

Of course the book only confirms that Bells wants Eddie for his body and nothing else. Ending Twilight Rant.

So, Also some Hobby Game store opened up Saturday and had a mini competition that my friend Brian told me about. It's about 5600 west, 2739 south or so, it is a little difficult to find, but it is near Bajio or some Mexican Restaurant. Anyways, they had a small Settlers of Katan game, to six points, which I won, and later a Ticket to Ride game which I didn't do so well in. But those participating were entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate for their store, which I found out Saturday night that I won, and will probably pick it up Friday or so.

Also a radio station person, KBull I think, was there and were giving out tickets to an Emerson Drive/Charlie Jenkins concert thing in South Jordan Wednesday night.

So I believe that is all for now. Tune in next time I suppose.

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