Wednesday, August 13, 2008

International conflict with Russia averted

Earlier this afternoon, A suspicious website was discovered, displaying the first few sentences of each of my blog entries. I wasn't sure what it exactly was, as I don't know Russian, but it made me immediately suspicious. I ruled out a crazy Russian fan, as I haven't had any visits from Russia, and it has a .ru extension, I felt fairly safe that it was not someone from within the United States.'

But as military might of the KGB has resurfaced, I thought it was a new threat, that Russia was spying on American Citizens, and quickly I used the google tool to translates tidbits of the page. I wasn't sure what exactly was, but after some conferring with Wally, he said that it was a bot. Which made me even more suspicious, after all, why would someone program a bot to spy on me, like I have anything of worth that the Russians might be interested in. Worries escalated as I heard that Russia was ignoring the cease fire they made with Georgia and thought that maybe the KGB had indeed targeted me.

My worries however abated quickly when hours later I renewed the investigation. I had conferred with a ward friend, code named Natasha, who confirmed Google's translation. As I looked around more on the site, Wally's conjecture proved to be true, as I discovered that it is in fact a Russian search engine.

Yes. So there are two possibilities; the first, and obviously the most crazy, is that it is just a normal search engine. The other possibility is that the search engine is only a front for the KGB to study the lives of American citizens as they prepare to renew the cold war.

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