Monday, August 4, 2008

The big 5-0 - and a prize at the end, just like a box of cereal!

A lone man trecked up a hill, not knowing the way. The way was dark, the pathway was unclear. As he neared the top, the first glimmers of light began to appear, and the lone man could see some kind of formation near the top of the hill.
As he got closer, the sun began rise more, but the formation was still difficult to make out, and how it appeared, it only made him all the more interested.
A few more minutes passed by while he struggled up the slope, and as he neared the top, the sun burst forth from the horizon. The lone man looked up, and to his amazement, the formation perfectly formed a number, the number 50 to be exact. The lone man took a look back, and then a look forward. Seeing that there was still terrain to cover, he took his journey again...

Yes, that is right, I have now hit the big 50! Also there is a special giveaway; you see how I mentioned those Emerson Drive tickets last post? Well I am giving them away to attend a friend's jazz gig thing. It is two tickets, and the concert starts at 7:00 pm, 11400 South 2200 West - South Jordan/Riverton area. It is a county fair type deal and I am guessing it is outdoors and you may need a blanket. You can call for more information at the number listed on the website.

Anways, the first person to post a comment with their email or some way I can get a hold of them will get the tickets. And remember, I am in Provo, so if you live near salt lake for example, you may be expected to drive part of the way to get the tickets. Have at it!

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