Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The weekly laugh

Once again XKCD has caused me to laugh. I mean, who knew four individuals could mess up so much doctrine by one simple action.

I wonder if doing that merits going to outer darkness... Sure they're not denying the holy ghost, that's true, but does capturing Him constitute as sinning against the Holy Ghost? I just don't know...

As far as laughs go, Yellow M&M and I (I remembered to use good grammar this time, HA!) were at Bob's house last night. Bob's little sister Siri was being her crazy loveable little girl self that she always is, and was saying crazy things while we attempted conversation in between. So Bob asks Siri who she thought that she (Bob) would marry, and Siri points right at me. That got us laughing pretty well, and then Bob asked Siri who she thought that Yellow M&M would marry. And again I was pointed to.
So without further ado, let it be announced to all the world, through royal decree of the untiring Siri, sister of Bobtheenchantedone, that polygamy has be re-established into the world. There can be no argument, for such trivialities will only be deflected by her child like innocence, that, which combined with her defense, leaves all dumbfounded, speechless and shaking to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

So.. yeah.

In other news, Yellow M&M is fast becoming an expert swordswoman, she's attended the Fencing club a few times and is doing alright. Now for the shameless plug; when the semester starts again in September, Fencing Club is Tuesday nights 7-8:30 in the Wilk, come and learn to fence!

I will also post a picture or two of me in fencing gear, courtesy of M&M.

OH! and Majide is hilarious. A Japanese game show that just ended. Sadness that I missed most of the season.

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