Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The best test that you can give is your testimony

As you may all know, I usually attempt to post humor, or try to derive humor from every day events. Today is not one of those days.
I assume that many, if not most of those who read my blog know what church I belong to, but for those who may pass by or don't know; I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or commonly referred to as the "Mormon" church. And so I would like to give my thoughts and feelings to what I believe, and why I myself am a member of this church.

I was born into the church, baptized at the age of 8, have gone to seminary and institute and have come back from serving a mission in Mexico a little over a year ago. I can't say for certain when I first started believing, I think to one extent or another I always have believed, but it probably was around the age of seventeen when my faith and testimony truly began to grow, when I began to apply more actively the teachings of Christ to my life in emulation of Him. I know that Jesus is my, our, savior, that he suffered for us so that if we accept him and utilize the atonement, his sacrifice for us, we can be free from sin and return to his presence some day. I firmly believe that, when I am feeling down and out, when I do raise my voice to him, that He listens, and does respond, granting consolation unto me. I am thankful for Christ's sacrifice and for God's love, and I know that he truly does love us and want the best for us.
I have read both the Book of Mormon and the Bible and have had that overwhelming feeling, that peace and happiness. I know that they are inspired of God, that he continues to guide and direct as as he did before. I believe that the authority that Jesus gave his apostles is on the Earth again, and that God has once again called a prophet to guide and lead His church.
I believe this to be true, and I know that by striving to live His commandments, I too can return to live in His presence.

I hope you all get something out of this entry, and I hope that the Holy Ghost testifies to you of this, and that if you want to know for thyself you can read and ask in prayer to know that these things are true. I leave you with this in the name Jesus Christ, Amen.


Alexandria said...

Okay so I am stalking you and reading some of your old blogs. I am bored don't judge.

This one makes me sad. I wish I could have such strong faith. I believe it would make my life a whole lot simpler if I could believe everything good or bad that happened is the Lord's will.

Alas, I am just so unsure.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Boredom is an excellent qualifier, and the archives are open to anyone, so you hardly count as a stalker.

However, I don't think everything good or bad that happens is the Lord's will. Surely some of the bad that happens is selfishness of man, or random natual occurences. President Hickley said that Hurrican Katrina and the tsunamis in South East Asia weren't punishments from God, but part of an upheaving Earth.

However, I do believe that even though not everything that happens comes from God, that he does know it will happen and will prepare me for it one way or another to handle it, to struggle through it, to survive and learn.

Something you may have read from other posts around this time, especially with the origin of my psuedonym where SARRMM is Super Awkward Recently Returned Missionary Man, is that upon getting back from the mission I fell into a sort of depression. I enclosed myself and didn't open up too easily. It would have been easy to stop going to Church, to fall along another path, to leave the church.

However, because the love of God that I felt during my mission, because of the strength of the spirit that manifested while teaching, the miracles I saw, I could not simply turn away. In my heart I truly believe that God exists, and in spite of the faults that some perceive of the leaders of the Church, I honestly believe that they are prophets called of God, mortal men given greater responsibility, trying their hardest to guide the church.

And came, and comes through prayer. Honestly striving to know God's will, to know if he is there and especially to feel his love. I know that he there, somewhere, listening and hearing my prayers. I hope you are able to understand a little of this...

Alexandria said...

That is more what I meant to say. That what is given to me in life is planned out by a higher power...I don't know.

Yes, I understand. I just wish I had the same faith...I am a little envious.

Also, reading this for some reason made me cry..which is weird because I do not cry.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Well, you are able to have the same amount of faith. Sure it won't be easy, but you can always work on it.

I am not sure of what else to say, I fortunately got all the jokes out of my system on Twitter, but as for crying, maybe something I said touched you. Touched you in a spiritual sense, or maybe it was admiration of the faith you see in me.

Maybe it is the realization that you can have that amount of faith? I dunno.

Alexandria said...

I think after the discussion this evening all of the above reasons fit why it made me cry. It was touching.

Thanks for listening to me rant tonight. I really appreciate it, and thanks for the advice. I am surely going to take it.

You, my friend, are awesome. Thank you.