Friday, August 1, 2008

Double Teamed Tag

Well it appears that both Yellow M&M and Giovanni has tagged me in another chain blog entry thing, so here we go!

Apparently this one has some rules, or as some pirates would say, guidelines. They go from listing those who tagged you, and a rule stating you have to put the rules down in the blog as well? That's repetitious. Once done you then have to tag 6 people by mentioning it at end, or whenever and by commenting in their blogs that they are tagged. I think it sort of ironic that the rules are this long and probably are longer than the six random things about myself that I am supposed to list. Anyways, on to business!

1) I finished a book today
2) My favorite Spanish/Mexican tongue twister is Parangaricutirimicuaro
3) I am headed home this weekend
4) My Co-Workers seem to think, or at least joke about, me being somewhat of a ladies man
5) I am Surprised I thought of D&C 130 when Yello M&M asked for scripture dealing with the first article of Faith.
6) I feel apathetic at the moment...

Anywho, on to the tagging. Chilly, Alan, The Giant, Bismark (Just because I can though I doubt you will you do so.), Bob - and I know you ignored my last one too, but here's to having a great weekend camping! - and... Fred!
I am going to bend the rules and tag a few readers whose blogs I don't know about. SWKT, Allyourbase - you both are tagged. No complaining. I would like to read your blogs though regardless. Also I am tagging the reader from Sylvania Ohio and you there, from Woods Cross, you are chosen too! No hiding now. There's no escaping... Well obviously there is, but at least give some input.

On a final note I like how blogger checks the html code I place in. Neat.

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