Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To the Best of the Best

There are nary a man in today's times that is as much as a gentleman and super stud as Wally the 3rd.
This here is a tribute and a wish of luck to one such as him; one of the finest and most dashing men that e'er have stumbled upon this green sphere we call Earth. Though he is a tad humble to admit it, he now has been occupied in the courtship of a lovely lady of his suiting. So great now are the levels of Twiterpation that the good sir Wally III took it upon himself to cross this great nation by the miraculous mode of air travel to visit the fair maiden as she resorts with her kin over this season, and left naught but a few hours ago.

To him I wish him the best of luck in the his wooing of the fair lady Kristen

So again, to thee my good Sir Wally III, I commend you for your efforts. And if anything may come of it, I do but humbly ask to be the Godfather.

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