Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hey you all!,

We were awesome in the work this week. Thursday was Sister L.'s baptism interview. She passed and we planed out the details for the baptism. Friday we had lots of appointments go through. Saturday we were very exited and spent the day prepping for the first baptism this area has had in 18 months!!! Thanks to the fellow shipping efforts of Sister P., Sister L. had a friend in the church to lean on and support, she would not have gotten baptized if Sister P. wasn't there. That is one baptism under my belt, well at least half a baptism. Unfortunately Sister L. was unable to come to church and receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday. She attended her own church one last time to say goodbye and server her ties; she's definitely coming this week though. sister L.'s baptism made me feel better because I've taught so many people now who I will never get to see go to the waters of baptism. She was contacted by an Elder T. who has been home for a year almost now, so i know that someday someone will pick up back on those I taught and finish what I started.
Monday was another awesome day, most of our appointments went though. Tuesday was the same. We've got another baptism interview and another baptism this Saturday. This person I actually taught. She was found by another set of elders then she moved into this area and we finished up the teaching and set her baptism date for sure on Tuesday. I'm very happy for them and I hope that one day I will be able to teach and baptize an investigator from beginning to end. After setting the baptism date we were booked with appointments Tuesday and came back home very tired from our successful day.
Today at Sister C.'s we learned that people with a great work to do in this life will know they have it from very early on. There was more then one grand council in heaven, there was actually a different council for every galaxy, but its pretty much the exact same plan, just in a different area of the universe. Also Governor Boggs' temple work has been done! Even in the case of people like him when the work is done they will still suffer as Christ suffered for a very long time before finally gaining their salvation. After sending e-mail today we're going to try ear candles (Editors note: What on earth are Ear Candles?) so i look forward to finding out how that works and if it will really improve my hearing. It's probably a lot more comfortable than the enemas (Editor's Note: Eww!) the district wanted to do a while back. That was just wrong and I'm glad I didn't participate in that, but I look forward to this experiment.
Also looking forward to my birthday. This Friday 21 years and legally able to brack the Word of Wisdom. Not that I'm going to. Heh heh. So long this week. I look forward to giving another exciting report of the work next week.

love Elder Fields.

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L'homme Masqued said...

Oh my heck, missionaries are so dumb sometimes... Tell him ear candles ( are dangerous and enemas aren't a good idea either. My tithing money should be going to better use than them screwing off like this.