Sunday, May 17, 2009

Post-Wedding Day

No not my wedding. But a friend's wedding. Two friends actually. Who happened to be dating each other for 3 years or so. And I thought I'd share some photo's I took there.

The Giant; glaring at me for taking surprise photos.

Introducing the Dude. Yes, his awesomeness equals yes. So thus he is the Dude.

Mr. Dude, his last moments of bachelorhood slipping away.

Though this isn't the girl he's waiting for.

This is the girl he's waiting for:

The vows and everything else that is said.

The Rings.

More of the Rings

I like this photo, it's them just ending the kiss, getting in the natural smiles as they just had their first kiss as a wedded couple.

The Bride, the veil and little children. Such fun.

Being civil about it. No fun.

And them dancing. I should have taken a video cause they both are great dancers.

So yeah. Hop to it!

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