Thursday, May 7, 2009

Missionary Thursday

Hello You all,
Well let's get down to business (Editors note: To defeat the Huns!). Thursday was just a transfer meeting we planned to go to but we had a last minute change of plans so it was just a normal day of mission work for us, seeing as no one in the companionship is heading anywhere this transfer. Friday, after a hard days work we met Elders Bl. and W.; the two new members of our district and just hung with the district getting to know each other better. Sunday was Elder B's birthday so that night we had a district party at the church. It was lots of fun.
In regards to the work its been a good week. we've been working hard the last three months and hopefully we will definitely be seeing the fruits of our labor. Monday reminded me a bit of my time with my last companion Elder C. cause most of our appointments canceled on us, so we spent the entire day doing media referrals, stop-by's and finding. That's pretty much all I did back with Elder C., so Monday was almost a flashback. Tuesday we worked hard again and only half our appointments canceled. After our last appointment we found an awesome park and decided to just play around for a bit. That park was a lot more fun then most parks back in Utah, it had loads of familiar stuff and things I had never seen at any park before. It was good to reward ourselves like that after a hard days work.
Wow, I'm surprised that I have so little to say this week. usually I have a lot more to say about this week. I guess nothing much is standing out anymore. Well I love you all and am looking forward to the mothers-day (Editor's Note: Which he still hasn't told us at what time he is planning to call. There is much shaking of fists going on.) phone call. Beware of my companions. For some odd reason they want to talk to my family too. It kind of worries me what they might have to say. That's it this time.

Love, Elder Fields.

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