Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Dear fellow readers,

Last Wednesday for our preparation day our district wanted to do something fun but we just hung out all day trying to figure out what we should do. When it was later we argued about going to this closed-down haunted graveyard and ended up going. I was scared at first, but it turned out to be very cool. If the graveyard was haunted there were no spirits there that night. In place of spirits there were loads of frogs and we decided to have fun catching them. When we came out we were met by an angry police officer who told us the place was closed after dark. We never saw any sign so he let us off the hook this time. He told us he comes there every night and has to deal with the problem of people getting hit and drunk, and also getting raped. he doesn't like this area because crap like that always happens. Elder H. says stuff like that happens because it's haunted and people are getting possessed and then doing stupid stuff. whether it's that or just drunk party-goers we apologized to the officer and told him we wouldn't come back.
Thursday and Friday were slow days. All of our appointments fell on us and we were very tired. Friday after our last fallen appointment the Pullman elders invited us over to hang on their roof. They have a ladder to get up there and like to do it. We had nothing else to do so we did. It was fun being on a roof and looking around at the city from a rooftop.
Sunday was Mothers' Day and it was good to be able to talk to my family for an hour. I actually talked to my family for the least amount of time. Not too many other missionaries actually care about the time limits. I only talked for one hour, some others talked for as much as ten. That's just crazy. I look forward to my next call home at Christmas.
Monday and Tuesday were good days for the work. Only half of our appointments fell through and the ones that didn't were very promising.
Tuesday we also got a baptism date for Saturday and we are absolutely certain that it will go through. She has at least one true friend in the church that will keep her there. She has actually been taught by the missionaries on and off for almost three years. So we are reaping their baptisms. I hate how it works like that. Someone else starts the work but never sees the baptism that you get, then you start the work and someone else gets the baptism you worked for. I suppose that I should just be happy to see the salvation of a soul and leave it at that. I will do that instead, that's a happier thought.
Today we were able to go back to Sister C.'s, hurray for her; she's no longer sick. We learned today that, 1. Everyone has certain talents and one such talent is being able to see, use, and combine other people's talents with your own to make you and them both grow stronger. 2. In the Old Testament when they say 'bathe', they mean baptize. The word baptize wasn't introduced until Roman rule in the time of the New Testament. So in the Old Testament, to bathe is to baptize. 3. Between the time of Adam down to the time of Moses, anyone (worthy) could hold the priesthood but then that switched in the time of Moses to only those who sought for and deserved it.
I am enjoying the mission and I hope all of you are doing well.

love Elder Fields.

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