Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ear Blasting Fun

You know... I think yesterday was my first actual concert. I mean I have attended Jon Schmidt concerts and the like, but those have been assigned seating concerts, not stand up and dance and shout like a fool type concerts.

So yeah, my first actual concert was at Cowboy Mouth. And it was awesome. Awesome indeed.

So 'Lyssa, 'Greg', and me went down to Salt Lake (Yeah, fake 'nym for Greg. Keeping up tradition.) and had a blast. I'm sure both Greg and Lyssa appreciated it more as Greg can run circles round me with his music knowledge and appreciation, and 'Lyssa, well she just loves the band with the fury of a thousand suns at supernova.

The opening group was ok, I didn't catch their name though, but it was some local band. Their mics rang a bit, and I'm not sure if that was their problem or the Urban Lounge's fault, so I can't really judge them. That and I didn't understand a thing they said, but the beat was alright.

I will tell you it is definitely something to have music pulsating around you, causing the very fabric of your clothes to vibrate and shake around you. Not to mention going absolutely deaf. By the end of the night it sounded as if I had cotton swabs in my ears and that there was a police scanner on it the background when people spoke.

But onto the main band, Cowboy Mouth! They are awesome, I will admit that. The main drummer/singer, Fred LeBlanc, is very cool. You could tell that despite how much work it is for him (which can been seen by the massive amounts of sweating he did) that he enjoys it. He also had a crazy look in his eyes, the look of confidence, of knowing what he was doing and knowing how to have fun doing it.

They played great songs, some of which can be heard on their website and I had an awesome time. I especially enjoyed the throwing of red spoons. There's a red song spoon they play we throw red, plastic spoons at them. Fun.

There is some minor language for those of you who wonder, but it's not ever frequent or a continuous line of expletives. Sometimes in songs like "Tell the Girl Ur Sorry" that it's use is fit in with the rhythm, and so it's done with taste (if it can be done with taste) with a song or two of theirs.

So They are basically awesome. And if my saying so doesn't convince you, talk to 'Lyssa. She'll convert you quickly soon enough.

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