Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Dear Viewers,
This week we decided that since most of our current investigators weren't going anywhere we would take a break from them. We figured that if they were really interested in meeting with us they would call us back. We only got two calls back... We are working with those two, and our other promising investigators that we didn't drop. We are also finding many new people and hope that they will get far.
Thursday we had a lack of appointments and since it was the last week of the transfer we decided to do something before the end in case we leave the city and are unable to do so later. We took a trip to Al Capone's grave. It was awesome. After visiting his grave we explored some of the other awesome graves, some of which are very amazing to see. Now this is one less tourist trap that i have to go visit in Chicago. After a few days of not doing much work we quickly sprung back into action; we had a small break but now it's time to resume the work.
Between Friday and Tuesday rumors were flying about transfer calls all week. Elder B. was going crazy worrying about the rumor that he might become a zone leader; he would rather stay in Beverly for one more transfer. He was especially panicked on Tuesday because he knew the call may actually come. Transfer calls came and went and Elder B. isn't a zone leader, at least not yet, but you can only escape the noose for so long. I am staying in Beverly yet one more and the Beverly Three are very confident that we can get some baptisms this transfer. This makes 9 months for me in Beverly; my entire mission thus far. I could do my whole mission right here but sadly I don't think that's going to happen; you have to move at some point.
As far as the rest of the district, the sisters are staying, Elder P. is staying, Elder K. took one for the team and is now a zone leader in Valpa; aka the outer darkness of the mission. I feel very bad for Elder Py, he was zone leader but they bumped him up to A.P. Nobody ever wants those calls; they feel like it robs them of a real mission. It's viewed as punishment rather than reward for being a good missionary.
That's all for now, g2g Sox game, go sox! (White Sox maybe?
love Elder Fields.

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