Saturday, April 18, 2009

Drama and Laughter

It was a shadowy day, gray, hardly any sun, just clouds hanging to make a dismal day even worse for three women that day. The three women were gathered in the cemetery, all draped in black, all in mourning for their beloved husbands. The pastor sensed their pain, sensed their shock at the loss of their loved ones and gave each one of them a single red rose; one that stood out and contrasted the day, one that seemed to stand out of the ordinary, a rose that brought just a little color into their day.

The three young widows began to speak and the pastor couldn't help but overhear their conversations. Each of the widows told of what drove their late husbands to the brink, what the signs were. The first widow who spoke up said she should have noticed the danger when her husband stuck a note to the pantry door with a fork saying he was tired of the same old roast-beef each day. The second saw a note on the wall with a cutting knife saying he was tired of ham, the third's note was stuck to the fridge by an oil change magnet expressing outrage about the chicken meat prepared for him daily.

After a brief silence the first mourning widow said she never should have fixed that last roast-beef sandwich, to which the second widow also replied with the same sentiments that she should have known better than to fix another ham sandwich, but the third didn't speak immediately. Expecting their fellow widow to be in the same situation they turned to her waiting. After a few seconds of silence the third said to them, "Don't look at me, my husband prepared his own lunch."

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