Friday, April 10, 2009

Mi Estamago

I shouldn't have eaten that pizza last night. Trust me, using black magic to clone yourself and altering your clone's appearance while having composite intelligence to go out with friends and others because your chance is blown isn't a dream ones to have.

Now if I had used my dark magic clone to conquer the world, that would be better. But to get girls? Not a wise decision.

Except now I wonder what a group date with a few a me with a few girls would be like. Things certainly would never be dull.

That's it. Maybe I will use cloning to get girls. And rule the world. Anyone up to be my queen, or a queen of a clone?

All this from eating pizza last night. Well, of course the pizza can't be entirely blamed...


Unit of Energy said...

you shouldn't go on polyga-dates. they don't really work out so well. Trust me, I've been on too many.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Technically since there would be more than one of me, it wouldn't be a polyga-date since there would a 1:1 guy to girl ratio. It'd just be that each guy is a clone of me.