Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flirtacious Missionary Thursday

Excerpts from the messages sent by Elder Fields this week sent by electronic carrier pigeon...

Salutations all,
This week was absolutely amazing. We got 10 baptism dates and one of our baptisms that we had set actually went through. We visited a bunch of different churches including the Presbyterians, we liked them and could see why Joseph Smith was leaning towards them. We had loads of people at sacrament meeting this week too. We also went to the north side and got tickets to a Bull;s game; I'm also sorry to say I got tricked into going on another date with the sisters...
Actually all of the above is false. Nothing much happened at all this week but I figured that this could be fun. I Hope you all enjoyed my little prank. Honestly I wish some of the stuff above was true.
This week we switched up our focus from finding and teaching to getting members present at lessons and getting investigators to sacrament meetings. We are doing very well and have one investigator who is progressing far faster then the others and is well on her way to baptism. She just needs to come to church again and completely stop smoking and cut out the coffee. The smoking is pretty much done with and coffee is next to go.
Saturday we had a Walk With Christ Easter activity for investigators. This went well but unfortunately there were more members there then there were investigators. Sunday's weather didn't help at all in getting investigators to church. We had so many who said they would come to church, but the snow storm provided the perfect reason to not come. unfortunately even our elite investigators failed to show up. Monday and Tuesday were packed up completely full with lessons and we couldn't catch a break. That's the way we like it. We have been telling everyone that the prophet is speaking this weekend and they all seem interested and will hopefully come at least to general conference. This week was somewhat dull outside mission work and sorting out the elite investigators from those not truly interested, nothing else happened.

In other news; Sam, I've discovered that I am good with accidentally using pickup lines. I know that I should probably keep my mouth shut because I am a missionary and shouldn't be flirting at all. I honestly don't intend for what I say to become a line but somehow it's taken that way when it comes out.(Editors Note: I vouch for his sincerity in this statement) I should just shut my mouth and only open it to teach. but anyway here's the story on this line which I thought you might like to use.
We were having a district dinner and we were talking about how we are all members of the Lonely Hearts Club and were just going to be single forever. Then Elder K. told Sister B. something along the lines of everyone has someone, just like Adam and Eve. Sister B. then told him "I don't have an Adam" to which I replied by saying "well I don't have an Eve"
I didn't intend for it to come out as a pickup line, I was thinking more like it would be words of comfort; like we're both in the same boat so don't get to down. Honestly I need to watch what I say. I am becoming known out here for saying stupid things to other missionaries
Anyway I just thought I would share this line with someone who isn't a missionary and can actually use a line like that. So use it and tell me how it worked.

And in regards to what Sister C. shares with him and other missionaries he replied 'With all the things she teaches, I take it all with a grain of salt and when I forward the information she gives us I do it because I would like to get another person's view on these things; so thanks for telling me yours.'

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