Thursday, April 16, 2009

Missionary Thursday

Dear All,
last Wednesday was the Zone Activity and it was loads of fun, even though it was the usual activity and nothing special like the sword fight or ice skating; just hanging out at the Hyde Park building. It was still fun, but I prefer to do something wacky like the first two. But even so it still fun to just kick back and take a break from the work.
Friday we worked hard all day and rewarded ourselves on Good Friday by attending a Catholic easter service. I liked it better then the last two churches we went to; the speaker was friendly and even endorsed our church. Elder H. told me that he had been to a catholic service before and they are not normally like that one. He said that they adapted it to south-side blacks and Easter. If that's true then I would like to attend a catholic service again and see what its normally like.
Saturday we taught a Bulgarian investigator; we had to get a Book of Mormon for him in his language. We were thrilled when he came to church on Sunday, but we were sad because we don't have or know anyone with the gift of tongues who can speak Bulgarian. He just sat there not understanding what was said. He liked it but the language barrier is still a big problem. We understand enough from each other to get the basics of what is said but that is about it. We also have a French speaking investigator but that's not as big of a problem.
Sunday was also Easter. I got the easter package just in time; my Christmas candy just ran out. I gladly share some with my companions but I have to remind them that it's mine and that they don't need to take so much. They just told me eating all that candy would make me fatter but I said I could use it as a motive to work harder. The "Easter Bunny" left all the missionaries baskets on their cars and we enjoyed that as well.
Monday and Tuesday we worked hard but all our appointments Monday and half on Tuesday canceled on us. So this week has been draining our energy from them not showing up. Usually Wednesday we don't have appointments but we set some up today and we hope those go through and hope that the rest of the week is better as well.

love Elder Fields.

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