Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So Much to Do, So Little Time


It's the Christmas vacation, I'm up in the desolate wasteland of Tooele(It really is desolate) for the week and have decided to make a small list of things to get done before school starts.

  • Get through four chapters of my online English Class

  • Finish reading Tale of Two Cities

  • Get an early jump on my programming assignments

  • I suppose do an actual Vlog

  • See Sherlock Holmes

  • Pay for tuition and books. (Lame, I know)

  • Shake my groove thing at New Years

  • Per Alex, drive up to California (Assuming BYU doesn't take all my money)

  • Get a new phone

  • Pending the snow, rebuild the Naked Indian Snowman

  • So that is what I can remember. More will be added later.


    Alexandria said...

    You have been taken over by the TWSS Monster.

    You left something off your list...it goes like this.

    Priority #1: Drive to Northern California so I can make out with Alex. End of plans.

    Dude Sherlock looks awesome! I am dying to see it too!

    Vlog is a must. I will be waiting.

    Alexandria said...

    Yay you changed your list! Awesome!

    Kellie said...

    That sounds like a pretty productive list. Yep..definitely. Just reading it almost motivates me to get some stuff done. Almost.

    KatOfDiamonds said...

    Woah! I am impressed by the list.
    I don't make lists. They "get lost" when they don't get completed. (I am also a chicken)