Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Little of Obama's Speech Tonight

Yeah, I'm delving a little into Obama's speech here. Just a little of my thoughts on it. I'm not going to go into a full analytical discussion to persuade you to believe one thing or another. I'm not that into politics, I don't hope to ever be that into politics and will run from it. I like to be informed and get involved locally. That's it.

If you didn't watch Obama's speech, I suggest you read his speech so you know first hand of what was said and generate your own opinion before reading or listening to other sources. Find out what was said then listen to the analytical discussions of it.

I think it was a well written speech. He gave a time line of our occupation of Afghanistan, with an emphasis that because the Taliban would not hand over Bin Laden, because they refused to cooperate, we invaded and were unified. It was not like Iraq where we had false information of Nukes and went in. We were all for it. I think on some level or another, that is important to remember. That we, as a nation, were unified in wanting to kick Al-Qaeda's butt.

So given that and the 8 years of occupying Afghanistan, we are sending 30,000 more soldiers to help with nation building. There are clear time lines and objectives. Whether or not they are feasible is not something I can reasonably analyze. But we're trying at least.

As for what is not said, or can be read between the lines, I think is this: President Obama has studied this issue long and hard, despite Cheney and others saying he was dithering, he studied the issue out, he took his time to read into it. And he has so much more information that he cannot share because of their classified nature. We cannot leave now because we have a responsibility to at least try and help the Afghan government to grow. We haven't done that. But Obama also let know those in Afghanistan that they are to take up responsibility, that we will be leaving.

I think it is a good time line. I think, politically, it is good for Obama too. If it does succeed, then it means we would have drastically ended an 8 year conflict, right around the campaign season too. So if it goes well, it benefits him. It benefits us as a nation because we don't lose face. We give it one more try, and if it fails and we pull out, we pull out because we gave it our all. And if it succeeds, it means Al-Qeada is scattered more, the government secured, the people safer.

Anyways, that is all I am going to say. There are tactics and all sorts of information that hasn't been told to us, nor do I think it will be told any time soon, but I think because of how we have handled Afghanistan, and our responsibilities, we cannot just withdraw. We also cannot stay forever.

So yeah, read his speech. Educate yourselves. Do it!

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