Friday, December 11, 2009

Ode to an Online Lovah!

Twas an ordinary thing
Another blog post, another entry
A meme of all things
Nothing entirely special...

But through the luck of writing
Of Stalin and global domination
Came laughter hoped for
but unexpected seduction...

But through lamentable distance
Through the vigors of studies
By the emptiness of wallets
And overuse of Twitter...

Came the only possibility
A possibility of laughter
A possibility of exaggeration
Of innuendo, heroics and Twilight...

Of love not unfeigned,
Of holla's and #statements
Of attempted embarrassment;
A chance encounter with an online lovah!

A journey started, tales spread
Awe and wonder in the best of friends
laughter, kudos and mostly joking
All resulted in the tales of the journey...

Of yoga in the Tin Can,
Of beds debunked and sullied
Discovery of Twilight read and blogged
And the rescuing from a Trojan...

All this silliness and more
Awkward friendship to the moon,
Red faced from laughter
makes up that which is said, "Twue Luv".

And to you, Midear, I say
And dedicate this as well
Of all the laughter had and spread,
The joys of having an online lovah!

May the good times roll
The laughter ensue
And perhaps with time
Embarrass me, you will as well.


Lauren said...

You two crack me up!

Alexandria said...

It is official. I am laughing my booty off AND I am super in love with you. Best. Post. Of. My. Life!

You are the best online lovah in the history of #hollaonlinelovahs! When we get to the is on like Donkey Kong my friend.

I will embarrass you. It is my sole mission in life.

Sam said...

haha this is hilarious!

Alexandria said...

I successfully flustered you today. If you are wondering if I am pleased with myself...I totally am!

amanda leeann said...

omg. this makes me happy.

except now i want someone to write an ode to me...

oh well. i will be happy for the twitter bliss of you and alexandria, 'kay?

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

You are welcome to be perfectly happy, Amanda. Enjoy yourself.