Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just Over the River...

There was an old who lived in a Home,
Marbles had he lost, mind simply gone,
Lives over the river just 3 blocks down,
Wondering where he left his coat at.

His suitcase left up in the carpenter shop,
95 years old with children his age,
A mother still living at 106,
And somewhat aware that he lost his marbles.

Wanting a ride out,
thinks we're his ticket out,
Following us down the hall,
By the sound of our music.

An epically funny old man,
asked by a lady to back out of her room
without a beat, replied he;
"I would, but I don't know where back is."

Now Christmas vacations be upon us;
Oh, George, you shall be missed,
And thus until next year,
We bid you a fond adieu.

And now when I glance upon a river,
My thoughts shall be turned to you,
Of your home near the river
And the laughing we all shared.

So yeah, George is a guy in a nursing home in Orem. I usually go with some friends on Sunday to sing to people there; hymns and Christmas carols, and George is just a funny, rad old man.

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