Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Would You Let Me Control the World for a Klondike Bar?

The other day a friend of mine had as his status in facebook as "Would you take over the world for a Klondike bar?" and it got me thinking how Klondike bars could be key to global domination.

Think about it, all the commercials for the delicious bar have the person doing something extreme just to get one Klondike Bar, which sets a precedent of behavior to conquer the world.

First off the person who enacts this plan has to have majority control over Klondike to up production, and at the same time limit sales, so only few Klondikes that are made are sent throughout the world. Or the person would need enough money to buy almost all the Klondike Bars that are made to increase their value, and will cause demand to go up.

So for example in the United States there would be few Klondike bars sold to make them seem rare to buy, while at the same time send truckloads to countries that don't know what a Klondike Bar is, with the same advertising as in the United States and once Klondikes are common there, decrease sales there increase worth as in the USA.

So for those countries that now view the Klondike as rare and in high demand, set up Klondike parties throughout those countries, like a day at the fair or something, and give out Klondikes if the person will sign a legally binding but seemingly harmless document stating that they approve that me, or whoever decides to enact this plan, as being a global leader.

So thought this plan will take a while to go into fruition, eventually you should have nearly 6 billion signatures, all legally binding, from most, if not all, countries in the world, giving you permission to control the world. And all for a Klondike bar.

So if you start noticing a deficit in Klondike Bars... well, don't sign anything hastily, unless of course I'm telling you to.

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