Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Already Did This!

Well a few days ago Yellow M&M tagged me to write seven random things about myself, and had it been anything else, I would have done it immediately, but I thought I had done something like it before, and by searching, it appears that I indeed have done this exact meme before, except without the small graphic.

Of course I will do this one, but so you all know, if there are any future memes that are repeated, I won't do them and I am not tagging anyone except Katydid and Unit of Energy as I don't think they did it before, even though they have already been tagged.

Also, you want seven random things. You're crazy right? But I suppose I will thwart claims that I am not spontaneous enough. Yes Chillylint, I am speaking to you. Cheesecake! OK, that was more random than spontaneous, but it doesn't matter.

1. I can oink like a pig.

2. I can also flare my nose.

3. I am amused and enthralled slightly at how the two make Katydid laugh.

4. My girlfriend and I share the same birthday. Luckily it's not on the same day.

5. Unit of Energy and Heavens To, Katydid's roommates, might make me a part of their family order. It's complicated, I may divulge later.

6. I almost immediately recognize any rainbow that leads from Earth to another place as the bridge to Asgard.

7. I say #6 because I watched Thor Vs The Hulk last night where the Hulk ripped Thor a new one.

And a bonus:

8. I am about to entreat myself to some of Katydid's home cooking. I have never tasted it before, and if this is my last post, you'll know why.

So farewell, until we meet again!


katydid said...

Hey! I object to number 8. This might be your last post for another reason if you're not careful.

Unit of Energy said...

I to already did this one twice in the past two or three months. I object to being tagged again.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

You were the one who implied the threat, after all, everything is a conspiracy, right?