Thursday, February 5, 2009

Made With Love

Two weeks ago Yellow MM gained cookies by default and received them today. The cookies were made last night though, with pictures included.

There was a bit of going back and forth as well. I went to Katydid's to pick her up, swung by the Creamery to buy some things and headed to apartment where we started to get everything organized. It turns out that we didn't have measuring cups, or large enough bowls in my apartment, so we went back to Katydid's to make it.

We started on it, but may have intruded on Katydid's roommates', Heavens To, dinner and she appeared upset that we were there as Katydid had told her that we would be at my place making the cookies. Well we mixed everything together and decided to head back to my place as to risk no further offense.

Here is what the cookie dough looked like:

Lacking a plate to put the cookies on once cooked, we placed them in this:

And with enough cookies soon looked like this:

See, even Katydid likes them:

though she resented a little that I took her photo, I suppose...

But the cookies turned out great, and a dozen were delivered to Yellow MM and a dozen to Katydid's roommates as a peace offering. We'll see if said peace offering was accepted.

Also Wally III has stated I cannot participate in "Singles Awareness Day", that I am banned. I promptly told him that I would be participating in a better holiday; "Making Singles Self-Aware Day."

And in terms of stuff I blogged about before, I do have a job now. I'll expound later. I am also have contacted the company that sent me the textbook by mistake. They said they would send me a return mailer thing, but nothing has showed up thus far. Odd.


krebscout said...

Hey I know that girl.

Or at least I worked with her. For years.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Really? That's cool