Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I like...

Well bismark did this on his blog, so I thought I would post mine.

1. Uncle Sam likes to publish...
2. Sam likes to draw and make executive decisions about things such as shirt sizes, salaries...
3. Sam likes to discover things himself, and finds it's much more fun than letting things that are need of promotion discover him.
4. Fun is the game that Sam likes to play.
5. Sam likes to spend most of his time outside of city hall.
6. Sam likes to stay politically active and believes that his political outlook is reflected in his attitude towards the music business.
7. Sam likes to giggle. (And laugh until his face turns purple, but that's not told there.)
8. Sam likes to spend time with his girls, fish, play just about every sport imaginable, and dabble in video games.
9. Sam likes to share a table with other friends for a one-of-a-kind "Chef's Table" dinner.
10. Sam likes to write Articles, take Notes, follow Links, Quote people, take nice Photos and Rant.

using my real name, I get these results:

1. Sam likes to dance.
2. Sam likes to read.
3. Sam likes to watch.
4. Sam likes to be active outside the classroom and laboratory.
5. Sam likes to meet with the bride and/or groom prior to the service.
6. Sam likes to say 'Yes' and then see if we can do it.
7. Sam likes to “scratch” records as a deejay.
8. Sam likes to exercise at the gym during off hours and is trying to improve skill in order to get ahead professionally.
9. Sam likes to laugh at those who think ebonics is a real language.
10. Sam likes to know what his friends are up to.

What do you like to do?

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Giovanni Schwartz said...

Another variation is the "Sam needs" version. It's pretty good too.