Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hypocrisy takes many forms, the most common or generalized form is living different/lower standards than you expect others, or people get mad when you keep something in the dark when they had been doing the same for longer. But for me, a form of hypocrisy that affects me deals with birthdays.

For me, my birthday is nothing special. I won't go to any length to publish it, tell people and most years when it nears my birthday I change my privacy settings so Facebook won't tell anyone when it is. I'll not begrudge others who want to celebrate it or mention it, I just won't go out of my way to do it.

However, when it comes to other people's birthdays, especially if they are like me and keep it on the down-lo, I will go out of my way to celebrate someone else's.

Such as tonight, where an loose mob like grouping of friends is going to surprise a dear friend tonight who doesn't like to celebrate their birthday in the same regard that I don't. Gluten free cake and all.

More details will emerge as the night progresses.

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